The Adoption Process

The Adoption Process

Looking to adopt? Here's how it Works

We do things Differently...

We focus on perfect matches and creating the bond of a lifetime.

At RISE we find adoption applications lengthy, time consuming, and at times, insulting. And we don’t feel like they truly reflect who you are as a human, and what your family looks like. We want to get to know YOU, so we do this a little differently.

how to Apply


Introduce Yourself

In lieu of a formal adoption application, help us get to know YOU. There are two options for applying. Either record a video introduction and send it to us, or, in essay form, tell us about yourself. Get creative and have fun with this. We are thrilled you are applying to rescue one of our dogs, and we want to get to know YOU so we can best pair you with a dog that suits your life.


Answer These Questions

When preparing your video introduction, or your essay introduction, be sure to answer these important questions.
1. Why do you want to adopt a RISE dog?
2. Tell us about any other pets in your home.
3. How is your home set up? (Do you have a yard? What kind of fencing do you have? Dog door?)
4. Who is in your immediate family? Who will be the primary care taker of the dog?
5. What does your work schedule look like? How long will the dog be left alone?
6. Where will the dog sleep? And where will the dog hang out when you aren't home?
Include any and all information about your home and family you think we need to know. Remember, this is our chance to get to know you!


Email Us

Send your video or essay introduction to our adoption team at .
The subject line should look like this:
[Dog's Name You are Interested In] - [Your First and Last Name] - Adoption Inquiry

So for example, our subject line could look like this...
Charlie - Jane Doe - Adoption Inquiry


We'll Review it

Our team carefully reviews every application receive.
Sometimes, this can take a while, so please be patient with us. We WILL respond to your inquiry, but it may take us up to a week to get in touch.


Meeting the Dogs

Once our team reviews your adoption inquiry, we'll get in touch. If we feel you are the perfect match for the dog you expressed interest in, we'll schedule a time for you to meet. If we feel another dog is more suitable for your lifestyle, we'll let you know.
Given the unique nature of our program, and given the fact that we do not have a physical shelter, we require a pre-approved application before scheduling a time to meet our dogs.

The RISE Difference

Our RISE dogs are hand selected by professional trainers with decades of experience, to ensure they are temperamentally sound, and can live comfortably in our world. They then go through an extensive training program to build confidence and instill good manners, so that they are a joy to live and adventure with. We carefully pair our dogs with families who compliment their unique personality and energy level so we can ensure a seamless integration into new homes.