Sal – 4 Year Old Bully X

How great is big guy SAL (it stands for “Safe at Last”)???

Sal was rescued from a domestic violence situation and truthfully, he endured some pretty awful stuff. But this big teddy bear doesn’t hold it against anyone. And we don’t like to dwell so…

This guy’s looking for love…and he’s got a ton to give in return.

All he wants in his life is to snuggle…maybe have a little stroll, roll in the green grass and have a treat…or two…or all of them 🤷‍♀️

Sal doesn’t need much. He loves his walks, but is a competitive level napper at home. He loves snacks, and thinks fetch games are way too much work LOL.

He’s a big guy and when he gets excited, he may tackle you (be warned), but it’s all in fun and he can easily learn not to toss his behemoth body around as an act of love.

If you’re interested in giving this extra special, extra sweet lug the love he deserves, apply here: