RISE for rescue

Rescue organizations all over the country are suffering. Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of dogs needing help, underfunded and overworked, organizations and volunteers are regularly burning out. Compassion fatigue is real, and dogs and people pay the price.

We’re here to help rescues RISE. 

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You love dogs. And you are in the trenches, every day, fighting for them. But if you’re tired, and overworked, you won’t be effective. And if dogs get stuck inside of your program, or are regularly returned, your ability to impact lives dwindles.

The good news is, small changes can have a big impact in the fight against compassion fatigue and poor adoption and retention rates.

Let us help get you out of overwhelm, so you can do what you do best…

Save More Lives.

Our consultants offer both online and in facility coaching designed to improve community awareness, improve adoption rates, better the quality of your programs, and improve owner retention so that when you place dogs, they stick.

By improving the efficiency and structure of your organization, you’ll be able to impact exponentially more lives for the better. 

Are you ready to RISE?

Meagan Karnes


Head Trainer // President

Meagan karnes

I’ve been in rescue for nearly 2 decades. And I’ll be honest. There have been times where it crippled me. Where I was overrun with dogs, and where my life, and my health suffered tremendously. 

I got stuck in a pattern of going all in, burning out, walking away and 6 months later, throwing myself back in at full force. 

What I never realized was, despite my best intentions, I wasn’t effective. And truthfully, the dogs in my care began to suffer as I became more and more overwhelmed. 

After tremendous grief, self deprecation, frustration, and many, many mistakes, I learned how to rescue differently. 

Now, rescue is filled with joy. We save more lives, and most importantly, we are happy and so are the dogs.

Is Your Organization Ready to RISE?

We are here to support you. Reach out to us and tell us about your organization. We can’t wait to learn about the incredible work you are doing.