[ADOPTED] Pillsbury – 1 y/o Basset Hound Mix

Pillsbury (we call him Pudge) is as cute as they get. He’s a great BIG personality wrapped up in a small package. 

This guy is the life of the party. At his foster home, you can always find him playing with the other dogs, chasing the other dogs, or racing around the yard, toy in mouth, trying to convince the other dogs it’s play time. 

For this reason, he’d prefer a home where he’d have another doggy companion that would love to rough and tumble or play chase with him.

In between play sessions, he’ll gladly curl up on the couch with you to watch a movie and just kick back. He’s an exceptional snuggler and he fits perfectly on your lap.

He’s mostly housebroken. If you let him out often, he doesn’t have accidents, and he can sleep the entire night loose without a problem. He’s also crate trained, so if you need to leave for an extended period of time, and you don’t have a doggy door, he’ll do just fine resting in the crate with his favorite chew bone. 

Pillsbury (aka Pudge) is looking for a home with a yard (no apartments please), and a playful doggy companion. He’d be fine with a cat in the home – he pays them no mind. He is an active guy, and is looking for someone who would enjoy taking him on adventures, or throwing the ball for him regularly. He is still very much a puppy, so he needs someone who will be patient and use reward based training methods to continue reinforcing his basic manners as he matures. 

If you are interested in adoption, fill out our application here: https://j163jarsr1t.typeform.com/to/YvgcEVPA?typeform-source=riserescue.org