Nikki – 3 y/o German Shepherd

Nikki is a fun loving, active girl looking for a home that can keep both her brain, and her body well exercised. She loves people, and has never met a stranger and her past life, she lived in a home with children and was a gem. 

Nikki is friendly with other dogs, but needs dogs her size, and her play style. While she’s been fine with every dog we’ve introduced her to, she definitely prefers the boys. She’s a rough and tumble party girl, and that can be off putting for older dogs, or small dogs. 

Nikki is housebroken, crate trained, and knows a lot of behaviors. She’s very smart! She loves to play with toys, will happily chase any ball or frisbee you throw for her (she can even catch!). She also LOVES food so if you want to continue her training, she’d LOVE it. 

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