[ADOPTED] Meeko – 2 y/o Husky (Mix?)

Meeko is a total stunner. Check out those eyes! And he is a sweet as they come. He is a two year old husky that may have a little Malamute (or something else) tossed in for good. measure.

He loves people, loves to go for long hikes and loves affection.

Meeko is searching for a forever home with someone who is home more than not. He loves being close to his people. He’s one of those dogs you could take anywhere with you – to work, to the cafe, and he’d just nap peacefully, happy to be by your side.

Meeko does not require a back yard – he’d be fine in a condo or apartment if you are very active and will dedicate time daily to exercising/hiking him. If you do have a backyard, it needs to be securely fenced as he’s been known, in his past life prior to coming to us, to take himself for walks around the neighborhood while his owner was away.

He does require daily exercise in the form of walking, jogging or hiking.

Meeko is great with people, and very affectionate and playful. He’d love to go hiking with you (that’s his favorite) or accompany you on camping trips. Children over 12 are best since he can still be a rambunctious puppy at times, and he may jump up and get mouthy when excited.

If you’re looking for a dog who can lay quietly at your feet while you work from home, and who can keep up with your active lifestyle, all while looking good doing it, Meeko is your man.

To apply to adopt Meeko, CLICK HERE

He’ll be ready for his new home once he completes training.