[ADOPTED] Isabella – 5 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback

Isabella is as sweet as they come. She absolutely adores people of all ages and loves to lean up against you for snuggles and love.

Isabella is a purebred, dilute Rhodesian Ridgeback who came to us when she stopped getting along with another dog in her pack (she lived with 4 other ridgebacks).

She’s been great with all of the dogs we’ve introduced her to, although she prefers males. She is a dream on the leash, and mellow around the house. She is completely housebroken.

We’d love to see Isabella go to a home with plenty of space for her to roam. In her last home, she lived on acreage and she’s grown quite accustomed to having a good wander, lounging in the sun, and rolling in the grass.

She’d love to accompany you on a leisurely stroll or a hike as well, but we feel a busy city environment would be overwhelming for her sweet, gentle nature. We’d love to see her in a home where she was the only dog, or where she perhaps had a mellow male companion.

Note: Isabella has been fully vetted. She does suffer from hypothyroidism which went untreated, so she has some mild hair loss. Now that she’s on medication, that hair will grow back in no time. Her condition doesn’t bother her, although she will require thyroid supplementation for life.

Adoption fee: $550

[No Longer Accepting Applications]