[ADOPTED] Ember – 2 y/o Whippet Mix

Ember is a super fun, super fast Whippet Mix who will race into your heart at Mach speed.

She is about 30lbs of fun and she loves racing zoomies around the yard, chasing toys, and snuggling. In fact, I’d say by they way she regularly dives into everyone’s arms, snuggling is at the top of her priority list. While she loves to run, and loves to play, her first goal is to have everyone around love on her.

Ember needs a fully fenced backyard where she can run her zoomies every day. It’s her favorite thing to do.

She is good with other, friendly dogs, but doesn’t love sharing ultra high value bones with them, so she’ll need to be separated when fed extra good things, so she can have them all to herself.

She’d not do well in a home with cats or other small animals.

She’d be fine with kids, but older is better since she does like to jump on people when she first meets them.

Ember is housebroken, crate trained, and so much fun.

She will be available to go to her new forever home when she completes training mid to late October. To apply, CLICK HERE