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If you are a shelter or non-profit rescue organization, we want to support you.

have a dog that needs some help?

If you have a dog in your program who can benefit from becoming a RISE dog, where they will receive training, enrichment, exercise and dedicated attention prior to their adoption, please reach out to us and let's chat. We love to work with organizations like yours.

In order to get a rescue dog considered for our program, please review the eligibility criteria below, and follow the submission guidelines we've prepared for you.

What are the benefits of your program?

At Rise Rescue Alliance, our dogs receive premium care and training to ensure both mental and physical health prior to their adoption.
All rescue dogs live in a home type environment at the beautiful Peninsula School for Dog Trainer's campus, where they have a dedicated training intern who is responsible for daily care, enrichment, training and exercise.
Dogs get walked daily on the walking trails that span the 16 acre facility, get regular outings, and plenty of playtime.
They share the campus with a very small number of other dogs (each intern has a maximum of 2 dogs in their care at any given time, and there are no more than 10 dogs in the program at once).
Dogs also get access to premium veterinary care, and top of the line food, toys and bedding. The focus is on creating a stress free and enjoyable rescue experience for every dog in our care.

What are your eligibility requirements?


Dogs must be under 5 years of age

Because our focus is on training, and because we've partnered with a Professional School for Dog Trainers, we focus on selecting dogs that will be a good match for the training program. We prefer adolescent or young adult dogs. Puppies have a high adoptability rate and don't necessarily need our help, and older dogs, while wonderful, can be challenging when it comes to our extensive daily exercise and training schedule.


Dogs must be non aggressive

At this time, we cannot accept any dogs into our program with dog aggression (previous bite to another dog) or human aggression (threat displays or previous bites to a human or a child).


Dogs must be in Reasonably good health

Because the dogs will go straight to our trainer's school, and because they will immediately begin training, they must be in reasonably good health. We unfortunately cannot accept heart worm positive dogs. All of our dogs receive top of the line veterinary care, and every dog gets an exam upon arrival, however, we cannot accept dogs with serious injuries or illnesses that will impact their ability to participate in training.


Dogs must be transferred to RISE

We don't mind taking care of transport, but dogs in our program must be fully transferred to RISE at which point, our organization will be responsible for the dog's care and placement. We incur significant costs associated with each dog in our program, and adoption fees are just one of the ways we fund those costs. Not to mention, we've spent a great deal of time and effort fine tuning our adoption process so that we expertly match dogs with their new owners, who then receive support for life. It's important to us to see this all the way through so dogs in our program cannot remain under the ownership of other organizations.


Non Aggression Behavior Issues are A-Okay!

We are a training school. So behavior issues are no biggie. Pulling on the leash, over-excited greeters, tackling people, barking, timid dogs, or dogs who are not housebroken, or perhaps have a bit of anxiety are fine for our program. Contact us to discuss any behavior issues you might be facing to see if your dog is a good match!

So, Ready to work together?

If you're interested in partnering with our organization, and transferring dogs to our program, please send us an email. We can't wait to hear from you.