Cub – 10 month old Cattle Dog Mix

~ Fenced Yard 
~ Active Family 
~ No children under 6 


Cub is a total party guy. He’s searching for human companions that love to play, and love to be active. 

He’s smart as a whip, and learns new things in a flash. He loves training, and would excel at pretty much anything you wanted to do with him. If it involves treats or toys, he’s all in!

Cub is still a young pup, so he needs a family who is committed to continuing his development and training using positive, humane methods. 

He’s housebroken, crate trained, and already learning lots of new skills since he’s currently staying with a dog trainer.

He’d be fine on his own, or with another doggy companion. He can be a bit much for some dogs (he’s still a rambunctious, rough and tumble pup), so a dog with a similar play style, or at least a dog that’s tolerant is a must. Older dogs, or dogs that are a bit shy around others will likely take offense to his bold nature.

Cub is still just a pup and can play for hours. That said, dog parks are not his jam – going for a long hike somewhere where he can run, and explore, and use his nose, or learning skills (perhaps you want to try your hand at agility) is more up his alley. 

He’s fine with our facility cat. In fact, with a proper introduction, the two are now besties and will play all day – they love each other. That said, if you have a cat that is shy, and not dog friendly, Cub would probably be too rambunctious and your cat would likely be uncomfortable. 

If you’re interested in adopting Cub, visit to apply.