[ADOPTED] Bella – 18 Month Old Purebred Dachshund

Bella is an adorable, expressive 18 month old spayed female dachshund available for adoption. She is searching for an adult only home where her impressive snuggling skills will be well appreciated.

She was relinquished by her owner after having a few scuffles with the family’s other dog.

Bella can be a bit timid when you first meet her, but it only takes a minute before you are fast friends. She is not a biter, she just might shy away from you at first if you grab at her too quickly. With continued, proper exposure, her shyness will be easy to overcome.

Bella does not like to be left alone for long periods of time, and she requires a new home with owners able to take a few days with her, helping her settle into a routine before leaving her on her own. She would benefit from having another social, stable dog as a companion.

Speaking of other dogs, Bella is great if introduced properly. She prefers larger dogs who are on the mellow side. While she does like to play, too much rough and tumble is off putting to her. She is not a candidate for dog parks.

Bella LOVES to use her nose. She would love to accompany you on long walks or hikes where she can sniff to her hearts content. She’s been fantastic with livestock and helps us milk the goats daily.

Bella is currently undergoing training to help her become brave and to help her learn to be more independent. Continued training is available free of charge to Bella’s new owners.