Allie – 3-4 year Old Bully X Heeler Mix

How sweet is Allie?

This little nugget is the absolute sweetest! This is Allie and you can’t tell by the photo, but she’s fun sized – not big, not small, just right ? 

We think she is a pittie/heeler cross, but whatever her breed mix is, it resulted in the most snuggliest of snugglers. 

Allie is super fun. She loves playing with toys (especially a good game of tug!) and going for long field walks where she can sniff, and explore and use her nose. When she gets back, she’ll enthusiastically flop over in your lap, asking for belly rubs and she’ll stay there for daeaaaays. She’s the perfect blend of active, and chill. 
If you want to do fun things, we think she’d LOVE playing agility – she’s quick and loves to learn (oh, and she LOVES treats and toys…so training is a breeze!)

We estimate her at about 3 or 4. And of course, she’s spayed, and in great health. 

If you are interested in providing Allie with a lifetime of snuggles, and a lap to lay in, go to to apply.